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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Advice Listicle

1. My very conservative, Catholic uncle told me before I left for college on the east coast to "watch out for those liberal professors." Clearly he didn't know me at all.

2. Upon starting my first job, a friend told me that I always needed to make sure my boss looked good, no matter what. This has served me well.

3. When I was pregnant someone advised me not to wait too long to get an epidural because at some point it would be too late. I had a non-medicated birth by choice but I did end up asking for an epidural and it did end up being too late. But at the time of the advice I was a little offended.

4. I literally cannot remember any advice my parents gave me. Am I am the type of person who doesn't need advice?

5. My fifth grade teacher advised my mom to put me in the middle school band program. This was great advice and led to a great three years full of great memories and a lifetime appreciation for classical and live music.

6. I was advised to take Spanish instead of French as my language and I kind of regret not acting on that advice. Mais Francais est la langue d'amour. At least with Spanish you can order tacos.

7. In kindergarten, you learn about the most important rule in our society, which resembles advice (doesn't all education?). The Golden Rule is advice on how to get along with your fellow man or woman. Advice that everyone can use.

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