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Bad Pen Pal

I once met a woman in an airport shuttle on her way back London from LA. She seemed like a kind soul so I said hello and we began chatting about our destinations. I said I was on moving to Mexico City and she said she had just flown to LA to meet her dream TV personality. After an hour long chat we exchanged emails and agreed to be pen pals.

I have to say that I did an fabulous job for the first year then life took over and my emails became more perfunctory than joyous. Also, I began to feel ashamed to share the "bad" life decisions I felt I had made in moving to a foreign country for a boyfriend that could have cared less about my existence. Our correspondence slowly fizzled out and that's that. I do think of my long lost friend from time to time... Maybe I will reach out and send a hello?

El Coyote

He Always Seemed Like Such a Normal Fellow . . . 'Cept For All the Missing Teeth