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Height and Weight

During the summer between my seventh and eighth grade, when I was 12, I grew to be 6 feet tall. I was ecstatic. 6 feet was a magic number for an athlete and especially for a basketball player and I made it!

In college, at nineteen or twenty, I really wanted to reach 200 pounds so I could be listed on the program at 6'3' and 200 lbs. By the time I was a senior, I had made it.

Two years later, still at 200 lbs, and now 24 years old, I spent 11 months out of the country. When I returned, I weighed 160 lbs! That was the result of almost a year of stress and illness. Would I ever reach 200 healthy pounds again? I did soon enough and I stayed at that weight for the next 30 years.

Now, I am in reverse. At 215, I have doggedly determined that I should weigh 200 again. I have been trying for the last 5 years. Will I make it this year? Time will tell.

Seeing, Hearing, Typing

Making a Path