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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

It's Messy

I am extremely gifted at maintaining organized chaos in my workspace. I am looking around me and I see a giant to do list in piles or overflowing in bins. I think anyone other than myself would feel anxiety looking around this room, but it's cozy, clean (I didn't say organized), and loaded with pretty things. I have an amazing archival storage unit with my work neatly stored away in the drawers, a lovely himalayan salt lamp casting a gentle glow in the corner of the room, colorful vintage storage units with window doors, two snake plants, an essential oil diffuser misting the heavenly sent of the forest in the air, three walls with one large piece of art on each wall, my 2018 vision board sits by a window, a yoga bolster is parked on a warm shag rug in front of a box shelf with my crystals and family photos displayed on top.

Despite the piles of clean laundry that has yet to be put away, everything in this space brings me joy. I love my workspace!


Cause and Effect