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I moved to Los Angeles to slow down. In fact, I moved to Los Angeles for a change of pace, whatever that might look like, and found it to be a slow one. Of course, people told me it would be so but I never believe anything until I see it myself. I fear this workout could read like but not as good as "Goodbye to All That" or the wistful pieces inspired by it, but will power through anyway. In LA, despite clear forward progress creatively--I sing! I write!--and clear diminishing of pharmaceuticals required--America, ammirite?!--I have slowed to a full, hard, bing bam boom stop in understanding that time has passed. I feel I must get back to NY for a marker: to look my friends and family in the eye for the clarity that, yes, time has passed. Clarity doesn't come from seeing them every few months. I have gone back for the weddings of closest friends; I have seen our family dog not climb stairs; and I have held my parent's friend's kid's kid in my arms. But still time has not passed because I now live in Los Angeles. So: am I really more sane here or there?

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