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Amazing how the value of things changes as I age. I have good legs, always have. I shaved them meticulously, lathered lotion on them, wore pointy shoes and heels to accentuate their length and slender beauty. I bought leg make up (with sparkles!) to add gimmer to their summer look, especially in the days of mini skirts. I was forever grateful that I didn’t suffer from thick ankles.

50 years later my legs carry a different value. I use them. Without those faithful limbs, I fear I’d become a spectator of life. My legs have propelled me 300 miles across the state of Minnesota on my bicycle…not once, but on 4 separate trips for a fundraiser. My legs continue to support me on hikes in Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota as well as a 65 mile trek across the North York Moors in England. They hoist me up Mount Josephine, allowing 3 generations of my family to gather at the top each October. They allow me to play pickleball and golf. They humor me through zumba, line dancing, yoga and weight training classes. They’ve enabled me to see the world, city by city, by walking the streets with a map in hand.

My shoes are no longer point, my legs no longer lathered nor sparkly. Though my heels are now flat and sturdy, my ankles are still thin!