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Letters, Past and Future

There was the letter from Muriel from the summer of 1975. I opened the letter and read it for the first time ten years after we stopped seeing each other. I found it in a stack of old photos and documents. It was a beautiful love/goodbye letter, quoting lyrics from one of our favorite songs. I wanted so bad to reach out and find her again after all these years.

Then there is the letter that I did write to my father in 1991 when I was leaving the family business. I wrote it in the imaginary voice of uncle Pedram, mocking them both. I’m so glad I never sent that letter in light of the tragic events that led to uncle Pedram's suicide. But once in a while I go back and read it with a guilty pleasure.

Then there is the letter I should write to Jacqueline – explaining that 25 years after our breakup of a decade-long relationship, I’m more accepting of her desire for an open relationship. I was so certain of my stand on monogamy. Today, I’m so critical of compulsive monogamy, so much clearer about issues of gender identity and normative sexuality.

The Language Barrier

Dear ____