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It is not technically a holiday, MEA. However, for our family, filled with teachers, it is the best of the best of times. We have some time off from the first stretch of each new school year. It is always the third week of October. It is always Thursday and Friday. The weather in Minnesota is usually good to very good and all of our family, teachers, students and spouses are really eager for this break. Thank God for MEA was always our mantra.

Now, with some teachers in our family retired, some grown children taking their place as non-retired teachers and with grandchildren as students, MEA has an added joy. Now we not only have a traditional time, but now a traditional place. It is the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is the timeless little town of Grand Marais. And our family loves it. By now, after about 7 years of North Shore MEAs with the next generations, we have many new and continuing traditions. The Shoreline. The East Bay. Camp fires. Skipping rocks endlessly. The hike to the lighthouse. Kadunce Creek. Three generations now climb to the summit of Mt Josephine, sit on our favorite rock, the same one we sat on thirty years ago, and gaze breathlessly at the Susie Islands, the vast frigid lake and Canada.

No, not technically a holiday. But better than a real one.


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