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Playing With the Turntable!

I have two small visible scars in the middle and front of my left thigh, shaped like a shrimp about an inch long! I got them when I was 6 or 7 years old by pushing hard on a glass table, trying to close the top of a small transportable turntable, I was told not to play with: “It’s not a toy for children,” my dad had said. And that surely made me want to play with it! I heard foot-steps outside of the guest room where I was playing, decided to quickly close it and put it back where it belonged. But a wire hanging out was keeping me from fully closing the top. So I pushed a little harder and suddenly the large glass table, with its v-shaped legs cracked right under me and the turntable and I fell into several large and small sharp pieces of glass. I quickly put the turntable back where it belonged and then noticed the bleeding. I told my mother I had tripped over the carpet with my slippers and fell into the table! No one ever found out I was playing with the turntable, until now!

Bobby the Mac

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