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Seemingly Inconsequential

Habitual behaviors that I don’t even think about can include simple acts like putting on my eyeglasses when I first wake up, brushing my teeth, drinking a cup of green tea (it used to be coffee until 3 months ago), or opening two windows in the bedroom and the dining room to get air circulation.

About a year ago my friend Wendy posted a question on Facebook asking what seemingly inconsequential things did we learn from a friend? As an example, she wrote about learning to fully dry herself before walking out of the shower. That inspired me to do the same. Now I even dry the bottom of my feet before getting out of the shower! Another friend Bijan, watching me take a shower, commented about why I wash my body first, then shampoo my hair! So now I first wash my hair, then my body!

Then there are those habitual things I do with a degree of loathing and aversion -- like using my precious breaks to check Facebook, the NY Times, and emails (in that order) instead of taking an actual break like moving about, stretching, breathing, etc!

A few months ago I had developed an excellent routine with food – three meals and a snack, with a great balance of proteins, vegetables, carbs, etc. Now I’m back to the less mindful eating routine, and find it difficult to even think about how to get back to the routine that made me feel so much better.

And let's not talk about the fact that just as I thought I was getting into a good daily writing routine with the birdsinabarrel workshop, the new school semester started and threw me into a bout of forgetfulness and massive last minute preparations, so that I missed three days of writing in a row!

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