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I’d write a letter to my sister.

I’d applaud her boldness as the youngest child, especially when she spent her vacation souvenir dollar at the first gas stop, treating herself to a piece of plastic puke, and pulled the prank on each of us!

I’d thank her for bringing up Civil Rights at the dinner table, for protesting wars, for marching in the Gay Pride Parade, for sporting controversial bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and even for adopting yet another cat, despite her family’s allergies.

I’d apologize for my big sister bossiness and disdain when my friends were around, and even when they weren’t.

I’d thank her for taking my daughter parasailing over Puget Sound, while wearing her chemotherapy wig, despite my motherly anxiety and the fact that they lied about their combined weight!

I’d praise her for the courage and gumption she’s shown throughout more health disasters than any one person should endure.


The One That Got Away