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That Type of Childhood

On my left elbow, between an occasionally toned upper arm and a hairy forearm, lies a one-inch inchworm-looking scar.

You see, I played it very safe as a kiddo, and this is really my only (external, obviously) battle scar. My mom had regaled me with childhood stories of broken arms from falling out of trees, wooden shoes being thrown landing between eyes. I LONGED for this childhood. One in which every neighborhood kid was in my backyard, and we were all swinging from tree to tree whilst playing kickball in the throes of childhood glee. And to this day I am embarrassed that I have broken no bones, needed no stitches. I was often indoors, reading, scared of the next time I would be called upon to step up to bat.

The inchworm was created by unfinished blacktop outside Lincoln Titus Elementary School. I ran and jumped round and round and round over the swinging rope until I came down on my left side with a skid and a scrape. This is what it means to feel alive! I put on a brave face at daycare and then wept privately in the bathroom featuring the improbably green sink and pink floor as both of my parents adjusted the bandage.

The White Bone

Like Father, Like Son