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The Pool Toy

My firndo, Briana came over for a playdate the day before our sixth grade graduation. We wanted to rehearse for our play and swim. It was a perfectly hot June day in the valley, my mother purchased a pool toy for us to mark the beginning of summer. I grabbed the box and a pair of scissors to open the box ready to claim my treasure.

I set the box down on our kitchen counter near the stove and applied the scissors to the tape seal, but it would not break. The scissors appeared to be dull so I decided to open them, holding between the blades to allow for more control to slice the box edge open. I positioned the box corner to face me, held it in place with my hand firmly on top, aligned the scissors and pulled forcefully towards me. I felt a pinch and pulled my hand away shaking it in shock. I felt excitement for the box was now open, then throbbing, then cold. I looked down and blood was everywhere. I had sliced my thumb down to the bone.

My friend was horrified, my mother came in the kitchen and freaked out. It took 5 hrs and my finger turning blue to convince me to get stitches. Every time I catch a glimpse of my scar I remember that box and my respect for dull scissors.

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