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What a World!

What first bubbles up with this prompt is that there are a million things I would do over and no things I would do over. “It was the best of times; it was the blurst of times.” It’s moot. Or if one prefers Friends to The Simpson’s: “It’s moo. It’s a cow’s opinion.” It did make sense, Joey; it really did.

However. As I mentioned in therapy this morning, if I could instead give one other young woman the experience of not being thrust on prescription medication for a chemical imbalance (i.e. normal teen mood swings) before turning 18, I will be a rich lady (likely, only in spirit).

To do over anything at all conjures images to me of a Black Mirror-esque existence. I don’t want that much control over my own life. I am exhausted just thinking about it; the same kind of exhaustion that comes from imagining if you had the “superpower” of reading others’ thoughts. Much better to go through life blissfully ignorant—I did everything I could. Like pretending to hold the elevator door for someone as it’s closing and those words you yell out to your would-be passenger.

No regrets. Live life to the fullest. Blah blah blah. What a world!

Cause and Effect