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Make no mistake, Birds in a Barrel and 40 Days & 40 Writes are labors of love and evening-hour work on the sofa. That said, if you would like to contribute to the cost of hosting, designing, updating and maintaining this program, you can see below what we're up to, and hoping to do next.

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So far in 2018: Had to upgrade to a more expensive business plan for web hosting; bought domain; implemented individual dashboards. Tried $35 in Facebook Ads; registered domain and hosting for for development ($158). Also had some emergency database repair and recovery ($70) and purchased some blog widgets, templates and stock photo ($50). Next up: Upgrades to blog automation, revamped standings page, and new site up and running!


Costs included Squarespace hosting, stock images, MailChimp, GSuite and a freelance programmer to automate the standings pages and booklets.