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6 AM Blues

It's always dark outside when I wake up in the morning. I wait for my second alarm while really I just want it to be lighter outside when I actually pull myself out of bed and plant my feet on the floor. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Knowing it's going to be several minutes before the water warms up, I go into the kitchen to turn on the electric kettle. I hop into the shower, wash my hair, using conditioner twice because I always forget that I already put conditioner in my hair. I get dressed, having taken the time in the shower to decide what I'm going to wear.

Once I'm dressed, I go put my one contact in my right eye and then cream on my face. I comb my hair. I go into the kitchen and make my lunch, usually hummus and vegetables or tuna, tomatoes, with avocado. I eat my grape nuts while making my lunch to save time. I make a cup of coffee to drink, because the coffee at school is so wretched and I treat myself to coffee out once a week. While I sit at the computer to check my email, trying not to go on Facebook which I inevitably do...just to catch up on the news. No news is good news doesn't apply anymore, at least not in today's network. I give myself 1-2 minutes to dry my hair, put on my earrings and brush my teeth. I pack my lunch, throw my work bag over one shoulder, sling my cross-body purse onto my other shoulder, and leave the house by 7:00. 

If I were to change anything about my routine, it would be to wake up when it's light, eat my grape nuts and sip my coffee while reading a print copy of the Times. My lunch would be packed the night before. I am on vacation this week, so I have had the luxury of waking up an hour later, and eaten my grape nuts and sipped my coffee while reading the Times online. Not perfect, but definitely a slip from the old routine genuinely appreciated.

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