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Madame President

We, the country We, almost had our first woman President. That would have been an interesting occurrence. I don’t know how she would have performed as President, what she may have accomplished, though I have to believe that she would have been far more to my taste than the one who currently holds the position.

I am certain I would have disagreed with her on multiple topics. She would have angered and disappointed me in multiple ways. Because every President disappoints.. No two people hold the same exact views and hopes for the direction the country should take and why should she agree with all of mine?

I am fairly certain she would not have rolled back legislation that restricts toxic waste dumping in the nation’s waterways. I don’t think she would have tried to ban Muslims from entering the country. I am certain she would not have tried to repeal reproductive rights or health care coverage legislation. I think she would have respected the word of scientists. She would not have appointed a fox to oversee every government department henhouse. There was no Wall in her party platform.

It was an interesting phenomenon that so many people detested the woman, She was not my favorite person but I still believe she was probably one of the most qualified people to ever run for the office. And with whatever faults she may have, she is sane. She is intelligent. She is experienced with a lot of the sort of knowledge required to handle a nation’s issues. Her primary concerns are not vengeance and self- aggrandizement. She speaks in complete sentences!

The winning party taunts that we should just get over it. We lost. They won. But it was not a simple competition between two celebrity contestants. This is about our lives and I cannot just accept the fresh hell that unfolds every day. I am exhausted by the constant outrage and scalded by embarrassment of the man in the Oval Office. And, yes, I am frightened. I am frightened that so many hard won protections are being dismantled daily. I am frightened by the news being taken over by propaganda spewing corporations. I am worried about his temperament and his lack of knowledge and control on the world stage. I am terrified about what the nation might become in the not so distant future.

We got very close this time. I would really have liked the opportunity to complain about her instead.


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