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I was almost the homecoming queen
And almost a Little 500 cyclist.

I almost lived in St. Petersburg, Florida
And almost in Long Beach, California.

I almost played the drums
And almost became an all-state soccer star.

I almost dated this one guy
And almost didn't date another.

I almost spent $100 on a pair of yoga pants
And almost sold my used clothes for 25 cents.

I almost went to Loyola University instead of IU.
And almost moved to Chicago instead of Bloomington.

I almost became a full-time nanny
And almost quit my job in journalism.

I almost became a wife at 25 and a mom to at least two rugrats.

I almost started my own business
And almost sold my own greeting cards.

I almost told my boss off
And almost didn't cry after all those Monday meetings.

I almost punched the guy in the face who told me I'd never be a sports writer.
And almost hugged the one who gave me another chance at it.

I almost scoffed at the guy who asked me if I was a coach's wife.
And I almost cried when I called the football player by the wrong position.

I almost didn't write this blog post today
And I almost regretted that.

I almost so many things in life that I could make this almost list go on forever. But that is what life is about living in between the gaps of almost and forever.

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