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Not all scars are visible. The ones given to me by my father are indelible. Scars without the balm of stories to heal and bind wounds.

Scars are supposed to be the strongest tissue in the body. Maybe. All I know is, that when these scars are touched, or triggered by resonators, the vibration is immediate and exquisite. A vertical drop. Diving into the pool of an unknown history. The land of the ancestors. There is nothing rational about this. This is the realm of memory in the body. The Gods and Goddesses of that realm are supreme in this case. What are their names? How do I appease them? What offerings can I leave at the altar of remembrance?

I could appeal to Asclepius or Hygieia for help. Maybe, I could incubate a dream. Create my own Epidaurus healing chamber. I often do, by simply asking for a dream to come and help with the problem at hand. But this is more, and requires more than that. Scar healing requires retreat. Time out. Consultation with Wise Ones, and the Apothecary for the right medicine.

The Steps

Now, I'm at a Loss