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Futzing Around

In many senses diagnostics is really about philosophy. When it comes to one’s life and figuring out a solution to a problem or something as simple as what to do on one's day off, it all comes down to one’s philosophy of life. What’s all about and more importantly what does one do. This is where a personal philosophy comes in. Having thought about one’s purpose in life beforehand, or at least what the pursuit of happiness is for you, is a guide for the perplexed that can solve many a problem before it’s a problem. This is a kind of ennui that afflicts everyone or a kind of anxiety and the best approach tends to be following your go-to solution to a situation. Here’s a simple example: it’s your day off, you live alone, you have no plans, no pressing chores, yet you sense you’re not exactly happy. You feel unsettled and can’t quite place what your feeling is all about. You could shuffle about all day ignoring the feeling—after all it’s not serious; it’s just a little thing or you can seek a solution in the same way you might turn your body or rearrange your chair so you are sitting in the sunlight you seek or you are nearer to the jet blast of hot water in the jacuzzi that feels so good.

What is it you’re seeking? You‘ve diagnosed the feeling as best you can but because of its elusiveness and unimportance, you might just ignore it, but like the bleep of a battery going dead in a fire alarm, you can’t ignore it. So you mentally shift your consciousness to seek that warm spot in the mind’s eye that will prove the little level of happiness that alleviates the feeling. You might nap, you might start cooking, you might pick up a book, you might find a sunny place to sunbathe. This is what is known as futzing about and it is one of the most delightful of the pointless human activities. Why does every one do it and what’s so enjoyable about futzing (sometimes putzing) around the house?

I suspect its enjoyability is based on the mind's way of appearing to accomplish something. It’s the opposite of a chore. It’s unguided pointless activity that in some sense is accomplishing a thing undefined and the act of doing it provides comfort and happiness. All hail futzing around—the unexpected solution to the human condition.

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