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Gifts of A Lifetime

This is the room we live in—our “den” or “TV room”. It has been many things through the years—the nursery, the “girls’ room”, then Kate’s, then Maggie’s. 

For the last 12 years it has been where we live.

I do all of my personal work here—almost six years of writing now, from client notes to research papers to case study presentations. Now, I write just to write, in this room.

It has an odd collection of artifacts—I would never call most of it art—all about the shelves. 

I see the anniversary edition Classic Barbie doll, in her mid-sixties outfit of sheath dress, black duster, shiny black clutch and heels. There is also Peacock Barbie, still in her packaging, that someone gave me for Christmas in the mid-1990s—“because you’re a feminist,” they said. Odd one that, don’t you think?

There is a 6-inch piece of driftwood smoothed, then decoupaged with Klimt’s Kiss. 

The list could go on and on. It’s amazing how much one accumulates over the years—trite to say, and so true. I am noticing again how things gather up bits of our spirits. 

The latest acquisition is a tiny porcelain nativity that I got for Christmas this year—decidedly a step up from Barbie. Its Jesu Bambino is less than one inch long. It is sweet—and will stay up all the time now. It nestles under the pressed-glass Buddha, received a while ago.

I see the impressionist, rustic-wood, traveling Buddha, next to the Neiman Marcus glass globe of LA—given to replace the broken etched-glass earth globe filled with a blue-swirling ocean.

I like being surrounded by these bits of spirit-holding matter, for the ideas they call forth, the emotions. For the motivation or solace or remembrance they provide.

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