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Green, White, YELLOW

One of the rooms that was mine as a child was all mine. My only sibling, my sister, had her own, and it matched. We both had shag carpet made of three colors: white, lime green, and sunflower yellow. We both had the same bedspreads of the same bright yellow. They covered our twin beds all the way to the floor. Our mother had made them herself out of thin waled corduroy - imagine that! The rooms faced west, more or less, and sunshine poured into them. We had matching modular white furniture: a two drawer dresser, a three drawer dresser, a desk, and shelves. Our mother decorated that whole house with a passion, making it ready for when dad would return from assignment on board the sub-tender on which he was stationed. He was riding it around from Virginia, through the Panama Canal, to San Diego where it would live at Ballast Point. She had so much energy in an era that encouraged so much color: the early 1970's. I was 4 years old. My sister was 2. We had so much energy, too, and it all came together. To welcome dad home.

Moving Pictures

I Was Clever Too