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He Had Me at Goosebumps

It was July, 2004. I don't know why I tuned in, but I guess there was nothing else to watch. I wasn't a political person, but I thought I should at least watch some portion of the convention to see who was doing what. I tuned into CSPAN to see all those crazy people, wearing their hats with pins and red, white and blue outfits you never wear any place else. I mean, how many white fringe vests are made in this country? And bought outside the state of Texas? Maybe these folks were at the wrong convention. Four more years of Bush? How are we going to survive? I wasn't sure about John Kerry nor John Edwards, but I found it humorous that there were 2 Johns running. I had wondered what they would say to convince Americans to not vote for Bush. And then out walks this man who I hadn't seen before. Young-ish, handsome African American. Freaking great smile. Well, this is new. Some diversity. What is he going to have to say? A shout out to Illinois to start, that is where my brother was born. Ok, nice midwestern guy. And then he talked. And I was glued to the screen. I was inspired and wanted to hear more from this man with the different name. My goosebumps did not go away [during] his entire speech. Barack Obama spoke to the country, the world and I felt, directly to me. To be able to listen to someone speak so fluidly, intelligently, and with a depth of understanding, gave me hope that our future would be something amazing. I wanted to vote for him that night! I wanted him to be my President as I sat in my little living room. I'll never forget that speech. I'll never forget "meeting" Barack Obama for the first time. I'll never forget.

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