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He shoots, he scores!

I grew up in the age of television. We started out with one TV and I was considered the "remote control" because I was the youngest and they sat me next to the TV so I could change the 5 channels. Then my grandfather got a TV with an actual remote control which was a box with buttons and it connected to the TV with a long cord. A cord that EVERYONE tripped over and almost strangled my friend. I loved watching television and I'm old enough to remember programming going off at midnight after the national anthem, just like in the movie POLTERGEIST. In the 1970's, I lived for a few years in Australia, and at 10pm, programs would go off the air. The only time they would air longer programming was when they had a Martin & Lewis marathon. That would go on all night and I would stay up as late as I could to watch. To this day, I love Jerry Lewis movies. Fast forward to adulthood, and I work in television. Not because I loved watching it as a kid, but "fell" into it because I was looking for a job. Someone recommended me to CNN, they interviewed me and asked me if I could talk about the news headlines of the day and laid out in front of me were 10 newspapers. Every single one with the same headline: "Challenger Explodes". I got the job and moved to Atlanta. It was sink or swim after that and I was able to tread water for the past 30 years. Throughout my life, I have loved sports. Television allowed me the ability to work in sports and that was a blessing. There is something about the sounds of sports that I love. That is my background noise that I listen to without having to focus too much. If you ask someone, when you check into a hotel room, what is the first thing you do? Check for a mini bar? Inspect the bathroom? Turn on the TV and put it on the news? For me? I immediately turn on the TV and put on ESPN. I find comfort in hearing a whistle from a referee, or the sounds of sneakers squeaking on hardwood floors. I want to hear the crowd cheering or booing, or a school bands drums providing a rhythm to clap to. I've thought long and hard about why I love these sounds, and it's because they make me feel like I am part of something, that I am not alone. Even if the game is over and it's a replay, I still feel like there are other people awake out there, with me. I worked in live television, sometimes getting home at 4 in the morning when everyone else out there in the world, to me, was asleep. But hearing quarterback play calls, announcers revealing in a buzzer beater, a "he shoots, he scores!" and even a stadium singing the national anthem makes me feel that everything is right in the world.

Joy always wins

Thanks Dad