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It's the Little Things

It's the little things.

Small kindnesses.

The smell of cut grass.

The gaggle of kids at the end of the school day.

Rain on dry earth.


The sound of water.

The sound of children laughing at play.

The chlorine perfume of a swimming pool.

The first lilac bloom.

The flowering quince.



The purr of a cat.

The barking greeting from the family dog.

The sight of a cat basking in the window.

The flock of fuzzy goslings at the park.

Two young moms walking their babes together for the daily constitutional.

The young Dad out for run with baby in the stroller and two dogs in tow.

The crackle of a just set fire in the fireplace.

The silence of snow.


The smell of bbq.

And fresh baked bread.

Grape hyacinths.

The sound of a wind chime tuned to the key of C.

The first bite of ripe watermelon.

Peach ice cream from our own tree.

Icy cold beverages in summer.

A dip in the old swimming hole.

Basking on a favorite rock like a lizard.

Aloe vera.





The departure of winter birds.


The feel of linen on the skin.

The soft air of a ceiling fan.

A fresh morning in the garden.

A promise of a new day.

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