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Joy always wins

Faking it vs authentic. That's my dilemma. I don't like people to know that I have no idea what I am doing - in every aspect of my life. I either fake that I know, or struggle with being authentic about my lack of knowledge and then I get anxious about being vulnerable. I've been in the tv profession for 30 years and faked half of it. I mean honestly, you talk a good game and people believe you. Tell them this is how a story is supposed to be told because you have more experience and a better title and they agree and go forward. Why can't we shoot this or that? Well because it doesn't advance the storyline, or we don't have insurance. Yada freaking ya. I fake my authority to move the process along.

Does it come back to bite me on the ass? Only a few times. And I wasn't brought back in on a project because I simply phoned it in because I didn't know what I was doing. I'll admit that. Now, of course if I was going into a "specialized" field like a doctor or electrician, there's no way in hell I would fake that I knew what I was doing. That could result in tragedy, and I'm not about that.

When I saw the subject was "faking it", my mind went straight to "When Harry Met Sally" and I know it is safe to say that all the women I know, myself included, have pulled the Sally moment. I mean, honestly, guys in their 20's (at least when I was in my 20's) had no clue how to make a women orgasm. And the majority of these guys didn't really care. Also, if you faked it, it would be over sooner so that you could either get him to leave, or you could leave. Terrible, huh?

At it's simplest, I think faking it is a survival instinct to get through something. It doesn't have to be a horrible situation, simply a situation that you want to be over and get on to the next one. I'm working on less faking it and more authenticity. To me there is more joy in being authentic and less anxiety in faking it. Joy always wins.

Barbie Happy Ever After

He shoots, he scores!