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Let me introduce you to Koshka. Pronounced Ko(long O)shka (as in ah). Her name, translated, means "little cat". Koshka is a 7 pound long haired Tabby. She might weigh a little more now after a fat winter rest. 

"Kosh" came to live with us after we rescued her from the dumpster outside the special ed preschool near my husband's office. There, she had been living off the scraped away snacks and lunches the kids didn't eat. 

Koshka came to our attention, when, the groundskeeper reported to Steve that a cat had been found napping in her vehicle. The concern was, that the cat would most likely not survive the coming winter--Kosh had been on her own a long time. 

We had just lost our dear old tabby a few months before. I wasn't quite ready to bring in a new one, much less a rescue. However, the absence of a cat in our household became greater than my reluctance. A meeting was arranged at the school by the groundskeeper. The cat was coaxed into the warmth of the sunny parking lot, and she sidled by, allowing a pet. Of course, I was done, or undone?

Koshka was not a fast friend. Living on her own as she was, there was a lot of work to do, or undo what had happened to her. We took her to the vet. She was healthy and spayed. A relief. Which raised the question, what had happened to her? Someone had cared enough about her... 

After the initial adjustment, it took about two years to convince the cat that this was a safe and loving home. As I write this, she is curled up at my side. My sticky buddy. Now, I am training her to come when called! And yes, she comes when called! Next up will be training to be in the car for road trips. I think with the help of "Greenies" we can do it.

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