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Love, Sis

I am a good communicator. I keep in touch. When it was more in style, cards, handwritten letters on stationery and such. I love paper and pen. I used to fantasize about the correspondences of long ago. Back and forth across the Pacific ocean to a former colleague long after I moved away from Hawaii. Romantic discourse. Letters to a Poet. Well. That time is no more.

In searching for an answer to the question of the unwritten letter, the only one unwritten is to myself.

Oprah-esque: what would you say to your younger self?

Dear S, I am your big sister. I know you have another one, but she fell down on the job. How about we two strike up? We could have conversations anytime you want. About anything that you want. Pretty cool, huh? I know how alone you are in figuring things out. Mom and Dad are no help, and no one outside this family has a clue. (Except for Gramps.) I do. Finding out who you are and becoming a woman is not something for a girl to do all by herself. Also, the fun stuff! Fashion and beauty. I know you like mascara and lipstick. Sharing your love of poetry, writing, drama, music, and dance with someone who gets it is essential nutrition for a growing kitten. We can get into the super serious stuff too. Boys. Sex. Substances. We could handle it! I hope that when you read this, you'll write back soon, and we'll get this going. I'll be waiting, with love, Sis.

My Whole World

Dear H