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Mother Daughter Eyes

My body has been a work in progress my entire adult life. Once I heard about dieting, "pinching an inch", hour-glass figure, no cellulite, toned arms, yada yada ya, I haven't stopped obsessing with body image. Even now, middle-aged, my latest obsession is my neck. I've recently lost weight and 2 inches in my neck! TWO INCHES! Who knew you could have a fat neck?!?! I stare at what looks like a sad turkey's neck the week before Thanksgiving, realizing that unless I get some neck suckomatic action going on, it's going to look like an old screw. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Not helping.

All the way back in college, I would use vaseline on my face and preparation H around my eyes. Laugh it up, but some 30 years later, I don't have any wrinkles around my eyes. I even put the prep H in a cute container so that I don't have to haul a tube of it around when I travel. I have to admit, I do have beautiful eyes. They are greenish, greenish blue. And I have long lashes which is interesting considering my eyebrows are thinning out. For some reason, I thought the two were connected.

Black mascara makes my eyes pop even more and when I could see without reading glasses, eye liner was a daily occurrence. From my mother, I learned to never leave the house without mascara and lipstick. You should see HER beautiful eyes! But she has no eyebrows and her penciling in skills are hit or miss. I wonder sometimes if that is my future. As I look from my eyes into my Mom's, I see how much of her is in me and will I age like her and lose my eyebrows? Will I walk like her as an old woman? And will I have her energy at 85? At least I know I will always have the same color eyes as Mom. I will always cherish that.

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