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My Catholic School Uniform

I went to Catholic grade school from Kindergarten through the second grade. I had to wear the typical white collared shirt, with the red plaid jumper, complete with scrunchy, bow and hair bands. With this uniform I had to wear white socks and black oxfords. I'm sure I was adorable in that little outfit with the perm my mom made me get, but I was a very disorganized child and lost pieces of the uniform constantly, and finding clean ones? Get out of here.

Many mornings were spent rummaging through dressers and laundry baskets to piece together a complete and acceptable look. Probably at the beginning I loved the uniform, but when I entered the freedom of dressing myself as I wanted after third grade (when my parents switched me to public school) I confronted the bizarre reality that I had no sense of fashion or how to dress myself. Thus I endured the horrors of preteen cruelty over my choice in clothes. I'd have gone back to the uniform in a heartbeat.

Unripe Tomato Pants

Who is this Mr. Spinach?