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Pen Pals

I am becoming attached to Larks.
What will I do when the time is up?
Reading the blog has allowed me to get to know some of you, and in a way, we are pen pals.

Some of the prompts have been challenging for me, as they touch wounds, current and old. Writing my way through it has helped kindle my writing again, which has dried up.

I stopped writing over a year and a half ago. The energy went out of it. I knew I needed to pick up the pen again. But forcing my way into journaling was not going to do it.

My friend, BE, a Lark herself told me about Birds in a Barrel. I was excited to join. And, I am not a joiner.

Daily, I look forward to Blog postings. It seems reading these is as helpful to me as writing itself. As Robin pointed out, there seems to be a collective thread running through the group. Themes.
Sounds of water, nature, and the unfairness of children who are ill. And then there are the very different takes on a particular subject, which I find just as interesting. I read them all.

I have gotten to know your families, professions, and idiosyncrasies. Your foibles, loves, and losses. And some of the most simply soulful posts are the best.

I will miss your company Larks.

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