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Rabbit rabbit rabbit

It’s not a daily ritual per see, but is is a monthly ritual that I think of every morning before my feet hit the floor. That ritual is the reminder to say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of each month before I get out of bed.

The habit began for me several years ago when I heard that it was a superstitious rite of monthly passage for Katherine Tucker Windham, an Alabama story teller who believed in ghosts and the richness of afterlife (she even kept a handmade coffin in her garage, priming it for her eventual residence there). 

As you might guess, Windham had many beliefs that made her days on earth more interesting than life is without believing, too. Among them was her religious commitment to the belief that saying “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” at the first each month ensured good luck for the month.

Loving this idea as I do—the idea that there is something I can do to bring good luck to myself rather than just ward off bad luck—I began trying to do the “rabbit” each month, but early on in developing this habit there were several months when my feet were touching the floor and padding to my morning constitutional before I had said or even thought those three words. 

Of course then I began to obsess about remembering to chant them, so now every morning when I wake, I lie in my bed cataloguing what day of the month is this and calculating whether should I recite the mantra before I allow myself to rise. And I love this because when my sleepy brain wakens enough to confirm the day of the month, then I can rise and face the day, with or without rabbits, without a sense of “rabbit” luck.

Never Regret