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Reinventing the Wheel

Trouble is, there are no annual events that occur now.

And the ones that did in the distant past are at best spectral hauntings. Even birthdays aren't celebrated "on the day" anymore.

When I was raising my family, I decided to create our own holiday celebrations. The old way had lost its meaning with empty rites and symbolism. At first, it was fun. But do you know how hard it is to reinvent the wheel?

In the end, what the new way became, is probably quite old: Reunion. The new traditions housed us in a time and space sacred and apart from the machinery of daily life. All the tinsel, lights, fire, and food were stage dressing for the simplest thing: Together. Warm and close, suspended in time. Wrapped in each other, remembering and recreating anew in the now.

Merry Hanukah! Happy Christmas!