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Sleeping with Fear

Showing up to class wearing no pants only to find out We’re having a test i have not studied for...

These may be two anxieties rolled into one but they almost always are intertwined when I have a night of disconcerting dreams. And I have not been in school for 20 years so I always wonder why in the world am I still having that dream?

I guess it’s because the dream is less about the actual situation than it is about the angst of failure and embarrassment, both of which still cause me as much concern now as they did when I was young. Sometimes, though, I think that the dream is a talisman against failure and embarrassment. If I dream it, maybe it won’t happen. Sort of like if I speak my fears out loud, the fears go away.

So dream away those anxieties. They are better left on the pillow than in my head.

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