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Slippery Slope

For years, I wrote all my dreams down in a journal. The trick was, I would tell my friends, to write your dream down the second you wake up, very quickly, getting down as many details as possible. If you wait until say, after you've showered, you're bound to lose it. Trust me. I lost alot of dreams that way. After a time, I began to see patterns, and then puns...dreams were always in puns, right? If I was feeling "hemmed in," someone inevitably was literally sewing me into my dress.(think Marilyn Monroe who often did get sewn into her dress) Or I would dream about that one person who happened to cross my mind randomly that very day for whatever reason, and voila, there I was, dreaming about them.

I'm a fairly anxious person, so I'm pretty sure most of my dreams have always been anxiety dreams. Plus I have the mouth guard to prove it. For one thing, I was always climbing a mountain, or always on my way somewhere, and something always happened to me that would prevent me from getting to the top, or my destination, to the end of the line. Classic, right? It didn't take Carl Jung to figure that one out. Then there were the dinner party dreams where I would work tirelessly to get ready for a party and no one came. Over the years, my dreams have been manifestations about my children and how I constantly worry about them. What they're doing, will they get a job, can they pay the rent, did they have a car accident...ARE THEY HAPPY? My mother once told me she never stopped worrying about me, even when I had a presumably happy family life. So it appears that I may follow this course and that my anxiety dreams will follow me to the end of time. I think it may be time to start writing them down again.

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