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So Near Yet So Far

Accidents that didn't happen. Likes that never became loves. Dreams that didn't come true. Dreads that never materialized.

The "almosts" in my life are mostly near misses and I am both thankful for and regretful of them. Some of those near misses may well have saved my life because they didn't happen--I somehow missed a window of opportunity for disaster or somehow warded off disaster by worrying about it ahead of time. Some near misses were terribly sad because they didn't happen, especially the ones in which I saw potential in an opportunity or a person, but for some reason that potential never materialized. Maybe that was because, as Margaret Atwood said,"Potential has a shelf life." Maybe it's because something was not meant to be.

Then there are the "so near yet so far" kinds of almosts...not the almost making an A but ending up with a B kind or the almost getting a promotion but losing it to a coworker kind. I'm talking about the the kind when something (or someone) I longed for was just out of my reach--the kind of almosts that remind me that, no matter how hard I try, somethings are just not mine to have, hold or achieve.

The ones that haunt me the most, though, are the ones that leave me wondering what I did or did not do that might have made "almost" become "absolute."

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