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The birds and the bees

I'm currently unemployed so my "workspace" is the dining room table in the house I share with my 84-year-old Mom. It's her furniture in the house, furniture she has moved from house to house for the past 30 plus years. This dining room table is massively heavy and solid and great for dining, but with an oval shape, working as a desk is a bit clunky. However, I like the light in this room which is open to the living room on one side and a wall of windows on the other. It is the view through these windows that I really enjoy. I can look out onto the pool and rose bushes and a lemon tree. This time of year, the lemon tree is blossoming and full of bees and sweet fragrance. I can't get enough of the scent from these blossoms and it seems that neither can the bees. We need to power wash the stucco fence now that we've taken down all the wild vines that were choking it. Sadly, during the day, it looks like the cinderblock wall of a prison. One day, we'll re-stucco it and then it will look lovely again. At night, we have lights shine on the wall and reflect in the pool. Mom calls it her "blue lagoon". Very soothing, at night. During the day, we started feeding the birds and squirrels so there's not a daily shortage of nature adventures to look at. We even hung 6 hummingbird feeders and it's nectar happy hour all day long for those amazing little birds. I'm fascinated at how the squirrels and the doves eat side by side. We have a plate with birdseed and sunflower seeds that they share. No fighting, no chasing each other off. I find harmony in nature to be very soothing. I stare off and get distracted which doesn't help with my procrastination to get work done. Which I just did now and lost 2 minutes.

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