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The School of Unfinished Business

Historically, my repeater dreams have to do with being in school. Variations on this include, but are not limited to: unable to find my way to class; there is an exam I am unprepared for, etc. etc. Sometimes, it is the same motif, but I am in a play, in the theatre, and I don't have my script; or I am about to go on and don't know my lines--here we go!

Lately, the dream has morphed into: Hey, wait a minute! I graduated! I have my degrees! I am a licensed psychotherapist! For God's sake, why am I back in school?!

Parenthetically, I love being a student. I am a lifelong learner, and school was a kind of home for me. I am self taught in everything else I have had to learn in life. School was an amazing place, because I had teachers.

The latest morphology has to do with some unfinished educational business. Which is literally true. I was part of a time limited co-hort of women. Our 3 year task was to study Jung with Marion Woodman. One had to apply, be accepted, and meet pre-requisites. I did that.

Then the economy hit 2008-9. As this program was post-graduate elective and very expensive, suddenly, after being all in, I had to back out. LOSS.

Since then, I have the periodic dream which clearly has me in that situation, and on the periphery, suffering to be "in" and complete the training. Some permutations, have me fine with it. Others, and for the most part, clearly not.

Now, that my economy has corrected, the program is no more.

What does one do with the unfinished business of life, when the school no longer exists?

Sleeping with Fear