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The State of Jefferson

What is a hometown? 

I used to think it was a place one was born, raised, and stayed--at least until adulthood, or permanently.

For me, now, it is a state of mind.

My hometowns of the past are like layers in a Stanley Kunitz poem. "I have lived many lives, some of them my own..."

For a time, until I was 11, Fresno was my hometown.
From there, Sacramento was my hometown.

Next, Scott Valley became my home place in the Siskiyous with a great big back yard of mountain ranges and wild places.

From Scott Valley to Hilo Hawaii. Hilo became home and still is for the entire family. By degrees we are kama'aina. 

From Hilo, a full circle return to the Siskiyous.

A brief sojourn in San Diego to care for family. Definitely not home.

What makes a hometown a hometown? Belonging. Bonds to land. Roots. Eros. The home I am in now, over 16 years (and the longest stint ever) is my little hometown. Over an acre, house built in the 30's. A real fixer upper. Woodsy, wild, wooly, and peaceful. It has earned it's nickname: The Shire.

The birds and the bees

A Bit of Americana