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For half of my academic life pre-college, I wore a uniform to school. In elementary school, I didn't have enough of a clothes sense to object and frankly didn't have enough clothes to make it worth fighting over. For my last 2 years of high school, I went away to school where I most definitely had to wear a uniform. Blue linen skirt, pastel shirts with Peter Pan collars, and boots generally (desert or hiking boots) worn with knee-high socks. Blue cardigan sweater and when I became a senior, I wore a senior blazer, passed onto me from a graduating senior from the year before. These blazers definitely divided the creative and fashion savvy from the nerds and jocks. As a junior, I envied senior, Georgia Clarke, who covered her right side pocket with vintage pins, rolled up her jacket sleeves casually, and embroidered her lapel with red and turquoise yarns. There were virtually no rules about blazers, and rules about how short we could wear our skirts weren't severly enforced. Needless to say, I did my part in making my uni my own. Yup, I did wear my skirt as short as modesty would allow me too and although attempts to have Georgia Clarke's flair with my own blazer failed, I made it my own. Come winter, because it was so cold in Connecticut, part of our uniform was black wool sailor pants. Together with the uni cardigan sweater worn backwards, I honestly have to say I couldn't believe how cool I looked with those pants and my hiking boots, because well, I looked like everyone else. Everyone else who was cool that is, and that's what high school is all about anyway, isn't it?

Wearing it Out

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