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A Day of Grace

It all began when my kids reached middle and high school. After school activities, sports, etc. fell heavily on Fridays. In Hawaii, traveling to and from events, often meant getting on a plane.

As a self employed person, I decided to take Fridays off.
Another form of mental health care, self care. A day to breathe, catch up, resurface. Aloha Friday.

Now, the kiddos are long gone and have families of their own, but the Friday routine stays.

It begins with coffee. What's the astrologer say about today? "A day of grace." Who couldn't use that outlook? I check the sales flyer for specials at the co-op. E-mail? Messages? Check. It can all wait til Monday.

Ok, now, we* must go to the bank. The drive through teller and I are on a first name basis. Small town chit chat.

Next, provisions! Off to Ashland to enjoy the ambient culture of a Shakespeare festival and get groceries at the co-op. Meet old friends at the salon. Time in Lithia Park. A cappucino.

It is all very leisurely, and in it, I find my own rhythm again.

This was disrupted some time back after a family health crisis, and I did not realize the importance and reassurance of my Friday routine until it was gone. I confused it with being in a rut. Far from it. This is a groove.

*the royal "we"


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