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A Little Town

Yes, I have a hometown, but I know it better than it knows me.

I was married in a church that is no longer there, having been torn down for some unknown foolish reason. What was it hurting, standing there on the corner in the old part of town, with its dated and quaint architecture, so suitable when it was built. Small, not large, for a town that was small. too.

Later on, when a big corporation moved into the area, and new neighborhoods sprang up, a new church was needed, and so it was built,a few miles down the street from the old one. A school was added, with several buildings and playing fields, and eventually, the old school near the old church was torn down too.

So that's what they call progress -- time marching on and taking us with it, even if we would rather stay in the familiar surroundings of our sweet memories.

This is the town with my grocery store, my bank, my church, my favorite restaurants and cafes, my YMCA and all the many parks of a well-established community. We catch the light rail here, to go downtown to the big city, which also carries many happy memories of my school days with its big library and the university campus where I earned two masters degrees and the symphony hall and performing arts centers and the art museum I helped build many years ago. Now it too has been replaced with a new very modern building, as has the old downtown library. What hasn't been removed but only added on to with more space is the museum of nature and science and the zoo -- what my children called the "ma-zoo-eum," because we visited both so often. Now, their children know its halls and exhibits and where their favorite animals live.

A whole lifetime in this one big city and its suburb to the south! I think my car could take me anywhere I wanted to go in my town if I just said the name!

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