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It happens when I’m in bed, after an hour of solitaire. My wife is sound asleep and the dogs are snoring. I have already taken my sleeping pills when I take one last click through my phone before bed and remember what was forgotten. My writing workout!

It’s been almost a month since I graduated from university and I have yet to feel the proverbial weight I expected be lifted off of my shoulder. My daily anxieties have only shifted, ever so slightly; continuing the chaos in my head. Every semester I took a writing workshop. Those two hours were my refuge in the storm that was my education. I sheltered myself with stories, prose and even poetry. If I didn’t take a writing workshop- I would forget to write. So I signed up for a challenge; an opportunity to continue doing what I love. But life gets in the way and I forget. I forget what motivates and inspires me. I forget what clears my head but fills my mind.

Remembering Child-like Effervescence

In Dreams