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"All are Welcome Here"

I’m about to be the stranger. I’m going to live in a town where I don’t know anyone—not a soul—and no one knows me. It’s a nice town, and the area where my husband has rented an apartment is lovely and walkable. The one time I was there, I walked around a neighborhood of wonderful old homes, many of which had signs in their yard that said in several languages, “All are welcome here.” They made a good first impression.

I feel I will be welcomed. If I can push myself into new social situations, I have no reason to think that I will be turned away. My being the stranger will be in the best circumstances possible. Even if I am an introverted, little old lady with no sense of direction, I won’t be turned away if I’m lost.

What if you are fleeing for your life and the lives of your children, and you’re turned away because you’re the stranger? Aren’t we admonished to welcome the stranger with no caveats about race, creed or country of origin?

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