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Today is the last day of my husband's employment as a special education administrator. Retirement is official as of June 30.
All of his retirement ducks are in a row. Pension, CalStrs, Medicare, investments...I went in to his office building this morning to say goodbye to a fellow of his who began the admin path at the same time as he.

Suzanne was the one I felt closest to. I gave her a bottle of Chandon Carneros Brut. She loves champagne. We talked about silver hair, and the lack of a confining schedule. A new beginning! While I am self employed, I work as I please and wish to. So essentially, I am facing the open road too. And six weeks off this summer to contemplate or not. I fantasize about a return to a pre-conscious state of Eden in summertime.

As always in these discussions, I/we are asked about plans. Plans? None. Going out for dinner? Uh, no. But there is Brie in the frig. And besides, we are not partiers. A little rich food is our idea of a party, introverts that we are.

The only resolution is no plans.

No big decisions permitted for the rest of this year--with the grace of God.

No alarms. To awake naturally.

And just breathe for awhile.

Start swimming again.

And what about that fruit dehydrator for our pears and peaches?

Purge the storage buildings on our property and make space for what wants to incarnate.

I hope to take a memoir writing course in October.

Maybe a reunion with colleagues in the fall?

It is all very loose and not in any calendar.

Saying goodbye to the corseted life and hello to lightweight summer linens.

And goodbye Magpies, I enjoyed our flight together, though I did dip in and out more than intended. Maybe see you in some future flock?

Aloha 'Oe and a hui hou.

Perfect Imperfection