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Heart Instruction

I’m about to shop for a therapist. I saw one fruitfully for about 7 years. That was maybe 18 years ago. My challenge is that my health plan pays nada for professionals outside its network, and choosing a therapist is a very delicate matter. Recently, I went to another therapist, highly recommended by a friend, and within my network. Huzzah! Unfortunately, there was little about this dude that resonated with me. So after around 7 sessions we ended, by mutual agreement.

I have a few ideas about mental therapeutic future. I want to search specifically for therapists who use certain modes of counseling. Let’s see if I can find someone who works on a sliding scale, and will see me for a finite length of time, like perhaps 6 months.

Fortunately, a long-time pattern in my life is seeing a spiritual director. I try to go up to the monastery to see Father Francis every 5 weeks or so. We talk about life in the context of how to find joy and meaning looking through a Catholic Christian lens. I do not know what I would do without this direction. It grounds me in a profound way.

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