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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Here is Where I Am

It is cluttered, my bedroom, the room where I a writing at this moment. The south and north walls are lavender and the ceiling, west and east walls are bridal veil white. The carpet is beige and old and there is a pile of dirty clothes to the left of my bed, upon which I sit. There is a dresser and a sideboard on the east wall, at the foot of my bed and a television is sitting on the dresser. My closet, on the south wall, no longer has track doors, and the curtain that once took the place of the track doors, is no longer there. The TV is on and a fan whirls white noise in the background. On the North lavender wall, there are 20 small, wooden 13"x13" square stretcher bars, some with others without streteched canvas. Their surfaces are evidence of the various stages my process and progress.

This space is equally inspiring and distracting. In no way shape or form is it my ideal writing space, yet it is what I have at the moment.

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