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At present I have two towns that I would call my hometowns: Greenville, SC, where I spent my childhood and Auburn, AL, where I've spent the majority of my adulthood. I may yet have another town where I'll spend my elderhood.

A home is where one resides; a town the place of the residence. I consider both crucial to my well being and would assert that both homes and towns have personalities.

A home reflects the personality of the house and of its owner. I believe my home exemplifies the things I value: clarity, comfort, collections, color, creativity.

A town has a personality as well. It's the persona that the town presents to the world, and, perhaps, is reflected in the way a town brands itself.

Greenville, SC, is still branded as the Textile Capital of the World, although the textile industry is long gone and has been replaced by other industry. In that vein, Greenville is attempting to rebrand itself with a new slogan: Yeah, that Greenville.

Auburn's tag line is The Lovliest Village on the Plains.

My children and their spouses now live in Portland, OR, (Keep Portland Weird) and Denver (the Mile High City). Would these brands tempt me to consider living in either location?

The two hometowns of my life to this point have chosen me--through birth or employment; now that I have a choice, what will it be?


You Can Take the Girl out of the City