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I Didn’t Want to Figure It Out

I don’t know why I knew what was going on before everyone else, but I knew the visit to our office was not a new neighborly gesture. “She’s measuring for curtains,” I said to the editor our journal. He dismissed the idea.

When she came back the second time, she literally walked from office to office sizing up the place. He believed me then. It was a few months before we were moved from our nice, central campus location offices with big windows to smaller offices on the edge of campus. On the plus side, our favorite barbecue joint was now in walking distance.

The main offices for our journal were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When the minutes of their annual report referred to us as the satellite office in Auburn, my antennae went up again. We were the editorial offices of their journal—intentionally not in the same offices with them. There seemed to be some question now about why two separate offices were needed. The editor thought I was being paranoid again.

It took about a year and help from Hurricane Katrina, but they moved the offices to Baton Rouge, and we were left looking for jobs.

I Do-over

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