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I Do-over

I did a do-over. I got married for a second time. It was a remarkably optimistic and downright scary thing to do. I thought we should just go to court house or get married in the minister’s office. No big to-do, this do-over for both of us.

Bret didn’t feel that way. He thought we should have some sort of small wedding. He pointed out that our friends had gone through tough times with both of us so they should be able to celebrate a happy occasion with us now. I gave in even though I had my doubts about being a fifty-four-year old, blushing bride.

My first wedding had been seven minutes long even though it was a religious service. “You-do; he does; you’re married. I had always wondered if you had a more traditional service, would the vows stick better—resonate stronger—make you feel more married?

Our do-over wedding was small, but we had the full-tilt Episcopal service. We even tied the knot and wrote our names in the ledger—just like Harry and Meghan. We’re fourteen years in, and we’ve had some bumpy times but so far we seem be doing-over marriage better than we each did the first time

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